Official loan – the appropriate funding for civil servants


They offers a wide range of tailor-made financing models with a profile that is ideally tailored to the needs of different groups of people. Among other things, they specializes in the allocation of civil servant loans. Short-term financing bottlenecks can be resolved quickly and easily with a credit from credit bankive. Due to the flexible design of the term and installment, an appropriate loan can be found for every income level. For civil servants and civil servants, they also offers special financing, which is characterized by the possibility of a particularly long term.

Loans for civil servants

Loans for civil servants


The Bank contact  credit bankive staff. They can also be contacted by phone, e-mail or chat.

Remaining debt insurance: additional security for the borrower

A residual debt insurance can provide additional security. Together with renowned insurance companies, they offers comprehensive security packages to secure your installment payments.

  • The minimum insurance covers the outstanding installments in the event of an accident-related disability or in the event of death of the insured person.
  • The combination package additionally protects the case of incapacity for work. In addition to all minimum insurance benefits, this insurance secures you from incapacity for work. The combination package is particularly suitable for civil servants and borrowers who do not want to insure the case of sudden unemployment.
  • The most comprehensive protection. This insurance covers you comprehensively and even takes into account the case of involuntary unemployment.

Responsible lending

Each prospective borrower must therefore meet the following conditions in order to receive financing from them:

  • Of majority and resident in Germany
  • Regular income (at least one month employed by the current employer)
  • Proven credit-worthiness commitment

Excellent commitment

A strong brand has certified the services provided by credit bank and has been awarded a grade of 1.8. The auditors were particularly impressed by the quality of advice and the reliability of the bank. 

Personal advice for civil servants

The employees of the said bank are always available to answer your questions and inform you about special offers for civil servants. Simply contact them online or by phone. Also for a more detailed discussion or a comprehensive and competent advice, the consultants are happy to help and make an appointment with you.

Credit Internet Loan: Calculate Credit on the Internet

An internet loan offers you the security and all the advantages of a conventional installment loan and is easy to apply online. Our bank has specialized in this form of credit and has been offering internet loans since 1999. As part of the French banking group Crédit Agricole, which is one of the world’s largest financial institutions, it is happy to assist you as an experienced partner in credit matters.

What makes the internet loan from us?

What makes the internet loan from Credit Bankive?

At a glance:

  • Applying without much effort
  • High flexibility in terms of installments and maturity
  • Immediate editing and quick decision
  • Immediate withdrawal to your account after successful verification

With an internet loan, you have the option to apply for a loan using an online form. Due to the simple process the application takes only a few minutes. Our internet loan can cover a net loan amount of up to € 100,000 and is also very flexible in terms of repayment. What is the fixed monthly rate and how long the term of the loan should be, you can determine yourself before the conclusion of the loan. Upon receipt, your application will be processed immediately by us, so that payment can be made to your account as soon as possible after successful verification.

When does an internet loan offer itself?

When does an internet loan offer itself?

At a glance

  • Quick solution to unforeseen problems
  • Spontaneous fulfillment of wishes
  • Replacement and consolidation of expensive loans to a cheaper complete loan

Internet credit is always available when unforeseen needs do not fit into your budget and you are looking for a quick fix. A much-needed car repair or repair of a major home appliance can unexpectedly be a short-term financing problem and are classic cases where an internet loan can help. But even spontaneous wishes such as a vacation trip or a new TV can be realized immediately with an internet loan. So you do not have to use the expensive credit line of your checking account and take unnecessary costs into account. The replacement of such a disbursement credit or the combination of other loans still running at a low-interest full loan for you – that can make the Internet loan for you.

Responsible Lending to Consumers “. For the purpose of responsible lending, some important information is requested during the application process. This also serves as a hedge and should ensure that the internet loan only brings benefits for you. In addition to a confirmation of certain conditions such as your age of majority are still a few information about your current financial situation in the form.

Requirements at a glance

  • majority
  • Residence in Germany
  • At least one month of employment with the current employer
  • No negative private credit entry

The questioning of the creditworthiness of potential customers via the private credit is usual at reputable financial institutions. Thanks to this approach and the high standards of responsibility in Germany, 97.5 percent of all consumer loans are paid back properly.

Credit calculator of our bank you can get an overview of what rates, terms and interest rates for your desired loan amount may be possible.

loan application
Then you can submit your personal loan application with the conditions you have selected conveniently via the online form.

Loan documents
You will receive the loan documents tailored to your preferred loan by e-mail and by mail to your address. Please check the documents carefully and sign the loan agreement. Please remember to enclose copies of the documents listed in the cover letter, such as payslips and account statements, to ensure the fastest possible settlement.

As a new customer, you must legitimize your documents once to protect against misuse of your data using the PostIdent process. This ensures that you really are the sender. Simply visit the nearest post office and have your credit card and ID ready. The post office takes care of everything else.

loan agreement
If all documents are available to us, a binding contract is concluded after successful verification.

paying out
Afterwards, the desired sum will be transferred immediately to the account you have specified.

How to find the right loan amount

For your credit search to succeed, a few parameters must be right from the start. This includes the loan amount: it should not be too low or too high. But how do you find the optimal amount? Crediter will be happy to assist you. The experts will check, free of charge and without obligation, how much funding you can receive. You then decide whether you want to have the entire amount or whether you can get by with less money.

How to find the ideal loan amount

Here’s how to set your loan amount:

  • In the online form for your loan request, select the maximum amount you would like – for example, 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 euros.
  • Add a few more details and send the request.
  • on-loan then immediately gets to work.

Free help from real professionals

You do not have to pay a penny in advance and therefore do not take any risks. By submitting your loan request, you secure a sound assessment from real professionals: Crediter has more than 40 years of credit experience, and you can now benefit from this vast knowledge base. Shortly after your request, you will receive a first assessment of your credit opportunities.

Then the concrete search for suitable loans begins. Your financial situation and the desire for the lowest possible interest are the focus. Crediter always looks for a loan first, where the odds are best for you.

  • Are you self-employed, for example?
  • Do you have a bad private credit?
  • who are you employed in the public service?

In each of these three cases, different banking partners are best suited. Because Crediter has excellent contacts in the financial world, very cheap loans are often possible even in difficult cases.

Loan amounts up to 100,000 euros

At Crediter, you can receive financing with a corresponding credit rating of 2,000 to 100,000 euros. In order to save interest, you should only ever take in as much money as you currently need. For example, if you spend 5,000 euros on a car and want to replace a credit over 1,000 euros and still need a small reserve, then ask for 7,000 euros instant loan. For larger purchases, the sum is correspondingly higher. For which conditions you can get a loan immediately, you can find out here with your free loan request.

Instant loan up to 100,000 euros

Our instant loan helps you quickly bridge financial bottlenecks. It can be easily and simply requested by you, so you can have the money you need within a short time. The amount and duration you choose is up to you – in any case, you will benefit from the low effective annual interest rate.

What is an instant loan?

The instant loan offers you all the advantages of a conventional installment loan. Smaller and larger financing projects can be realized through favorable regular installments and thus fulfill your wishes or make urgently required expenditures. Our special feature instant credit is that you can apply for it online at any time from the comfort of your own home. So you can save a lot of time and thanks to the short processing time quickly have your net loan amount. In just a few steps, request a no-obligation and free quote tailored to your personal needs.

Complete the loan application form

If you are convinced of the attractive conditions, just click on “continue” below the loan calculator and fill in the following form. Subsequently, your loan documents will be created, which will be made available to you by mail as well as online via download.

Apply for instant loan

You apply for the instant loan by returning the carefully audited and signed loan documents back to us. As a new customer, please legitimize your loan application once by the PostIdent procedure. Just take your shipment to the nearest post office and have your identity card ready. There, the employees take care of everything else.

Use instant loan

After a successful review of your loan application, We will immediately transfer the net loan amount to your reference account so that you can freely dispose of your money.


As a low-cost alternative to a credit line or as a complete loan, in which your outstanding liabilities are clearly summarized, the instant loan gives us the opportunity to bundle your outstanding liabilities securely and favorably.

Why Us?

Why Us?

We are the ideal partner for your instant loan: For net loan amounts of up to € 100,000, it not only offers you favorable lending rates, but also flexible terms. This allows you to freely choose the term in a frame between twelve and 120 months and thus also influence your monthly rate. In this way, you can adjust the instant loan to your personal needs and possibilities and remain financially flexible. You can calculate your credit easily and without obligation online.

Guidelines for lending

Guidelines for lending

The credit we offer is as individual as you are. The terms and conditions on which you receive your instant loan depend on general conditions and personal factors. The framework conditions include, for example, the desired loan amount and the planned term. Personal factors include, among other things, your income, your professional activity and any financial obligations.

Finally, we also conducts a credit check to assess whether the instant loan really only benefits you. We collects information from credit bureaus such as the private credit. If in doubt, it may be useful to name a second borrower.

As flexible as life

As flexible as life

Because life does not always go according to plan, our bank also offers unanticipated scope. If your finances are at an extraordinary cost, after an audit the loan repayment can be suspended once a year without giving a reason for one month. At the same time, however, you can also make free special repayments if you have more money available, be it through a bonus payment, inheritance or dividend distribution. In addition, you can protect yourself and your relatives against other eventualities if you wish: If you take out a suitable residual debt insurance for the instant loan, it will be taken into account in case of involuntary unemployment, inability to work, in the event of an accident or death.

Confirmed quality

The fact that the concept of our bank works out is confirmed not least by the good ratings that the credit specialist regularly receives. The strong brand has awarded the bank a grade of 1.8 (“good”) and confirmed in detail its speed, reliability, quality of advice, the expertise of the employees and the adjustment of the installment amount to the financial possibilities.

The business magazine “magazinefix” has rated 23 different providers in a test regarding credit-related online offers. Our bank was awarded the “Top Rate Credit” seal.

We also achieved high overall satisfaction with an average of 9.3 out of 10 in terms of customer service, according to an Ipsos survey in 2017. Overall, 97% of our new clients are very satisfied with the Bank’s services. We achieved 96% of its readiness to recommend.

Our bank takes its responsibility to you as a client very seriously. As a member of the banking industry association, it is committed to complying with the rules on responsible lending. This ensures that you take out your instant loan on terms that bring you unlimited benefits.

Credit Loan – Dispo settlement

The credit line is unquestionably comfortable: Bank customers without bank transfer or debit card payment are hundreds of euros available, which are actually no longer in the account. But as seductive as the Dispo – or correctly disposition credit – is so problematic he is. It is one of the most expensive loans ever and causes high interest costs. The solution: A cheap installment loan can balance your Dispo, so you save money. The instant loan from us is quickly applied for and offers itself particularly well for the account balance.

Balancing Dispo: That’s the way it works

Balancing Dispo: That

Your advantages of the MRP settlement with our bank.

  • In the short term, compensate for costly MRP
  • Passgenauer net loan amount up to 100,000 euros
  • Flexible duration between 12 to 120 months
  • Free special repayments for even faster repayment

With the instant loan you can quickly and cheaply balance your MRP. The Dynacredit can cover a net loan amount up to 100,000 euros and offers you, in addition to the account balance, room for additional financial flexibility. You can also tailor the term of the favorable loan exactly to your needs and possibilities. Depending on whether you prefer the lowest possible rates or a short term, you can choose a financing period between 12 and 120 months.

If you have more money available during the repayment phase than you previously assumed, you can shorten the term subsequently. Simply use the free special offer: Up to once a month, you have the option of an additional payment. In this way, for example, a company bonus or tax refunds can help you repay your loan faster.

The credit line at a glance

The credit line at a glance

If you have a current account, your house bank will usually grant you an overdraft facility. With the overdraft facility, you do not have to pay much attention to your balance as you may overdraw your account as much as your house bank allows based on your income. A short financial bottleneck, for example at the end of the month, can be bridged so quickly and easily. The advantage of the MRP is that it does not have to be applied for and therefore is very straightforward.

The problem with the credit line

If the current account is regularly and over a longer period in the minus, then it quickly becomes clear that the Dispo is a very expensive loan. The overdraft rates differ depending on the provider, but they are in the Germany-wide average over 10 percent. Top rates of some banks are even over 13 percent. If you make regular use of your posting costs, interest costs of several hundred euros can be incurred so quickly. An installment loan is much cheaper and therefore a good choice if you want to balance the Dispo and keep your account in plus.

To ensure that you can repay your loan without any problems, you will need the following information:

  • Your age – because loans may only be granted to adults
  • Your address – a residence in Germany is required
  • Your income – only if you have been receiving a regular salary for at least 3 months is financing useful for you
  • Consent to obtain information – for a complete picture,  informs itself of information files such as the private credit.

“Best Special Bank 2012 Rate Credit” by a survey. This distinction has been awarded to us for the second time in a row and has been a reliable and fast lending method for years.

Do you have any further questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact us at any time. The customer advisors are at your disposal in the nearest branch or by phone and are happy to help you.

Loan buybacks without mortgage

It is the purchase of credit in urgency, the repurchase of credit at the cheapest rate, the repurchase of credit with a view to a future fall of income (retirement,…), the financing of customized works or projects, these projects being included in the redemption of your credits so as not to increase your debt.

Redeeming credits at the lowest rate, give us two hours to find it.

The peculiarity of this operation “goes everywhere” of finance, which solves many emblematic and very particular cases of debt with a collection of all credits. Am I obliged to redeem all my credits? Is it interesting to contact and then mandate a delegate to buy credits? The objective of the loan buyback is first to provide you with a solution to rebalance your budget, restore financial confidence or change a deterioration of your family or heritage situation.

The acquisition of credit is attractive for various reasons: decrease in monthly payments, possibility of keeping a cash flow, set up projects, finance at the same time works, but also for the owners to leave a condition of fichage. Commission over indebtedness of the Bank of France or make a redemption of all its credits, if it is feasible? In a loan buyout, it is affordable to integrate all outstanding loans and add cash up to 60,000 euros for homeowners. How do the banks appreciate the charges, what contents are included in the calculation of the charges? Will my banker managing my checking account be informed about the credit redemption?

Over-indebtedness is not inevitable

Indebted and over-indebted households and individuals with a pool of loans have a real bank settlement to their present or future debt problem. Buy out loans to start a child’s studies without financial difficulty. Loan buyback is part of a financial logic to balance the household budget and provide a certain margin of safety to cope with the unexpected. With levy releases can I have my loans restructured?

Takeover credit with new project to save on my energy expenses, the way to not go into debt when one is lazy.

The credit rally is an operation that grants to deal with a situation of excessive debt, even over-indebtedness. What are the bonds that one takes when signing a search warrant for a redemption file? What are the average banking fees for a credit redemption?

The rent of your principal residence, all consumer loans, all revolving or cash cards whose capital used is paid monthly, alimony paid are recurrent expenses.

Grouping of real estate loans and consumption plus work placement. Which Broker can we use to renegotiate his credits? Amplify cash without proof, or the purchase of a new car, works, swimming pool… and without ceiling but with an invoice! A single fixed rate monthly payment: you only have one monthly payment that has been reduced considerably by extending the depreciation period. Should the delegate’s remunerations appear in a numerical way in his mandate?

Aubagne credit redemption company.

Aubagne credit redemption company.

Can we bring a mortgage guarantee to the house of which we are only usufructuary or naked-owner, or who is in joint ownership? You are the owner and registered Bank of France, it is then assured to make a credit redemption to give up this financial impasse because in the first unforeseen you will be blocked.

If the simulation of your credit redemption shows that your living income after the operation is too low, the lender will calculate that you will have difficulty repaying your credit. Your custodian bank can redesign you but in cases where the debt before restructuring is low, and ratios that in general do not correspond to debt conditions. Is it possible to buy a loan when you are already restructured?

Simulation buyback credit for those who wish but can not get started.

They are numerous and subject to ever-changing regulations. The bank denouement of the repurchase of credit is incontestably the good denouement not to lose foot. Answer of principle “admissibility”: Get an immediate legitimacy of principle. Can we include the bonding of a car or cash for work in a credit rally? A new amortization of credits following the repurchase of these, makes it possible to approach smoothly a period of the life where the incomes will diminish.

Companies buying back credits for too many credits and rejections.

By quickly reducing your monthly payments and by granting you a cash reserve to face the unexpected, the repurchase of loan reassures your bank, gives you the chance to live without bank overdraft. The advantage of a second ranking mortgage is to allow the placement of a loan over a period of amortization greater than 12 to 15 years which may allow the agreement of a file that would not fall under the form of a commitment without guarantee. Credit buyout brokerage with all banking partnerships is based on a high-end service that provides real engineering in a climate of trust between lender and debtor. Loan repurchase converts existing loans into most of the time a single loan, without changing banks with a much lower interest rate.

The amortization period and its effect is the same for any credit: the longer this period is extended, the more its monthly payments are reduced to the level corresponding to the borrower’s income and at a reasonable level. What is a credit redemption when one is occupying or hosted? How much can I borrow against the value of my mortgage guarantee? Is the redemption of credits and charges easy for individuals? The repurchase of credit can avoid a lot of worries. What are the elements, other than my income or my expenses, taken into account to grant a file of collection of credits?

Take loan – Quick and easy

You want to buy a car, finance a property or afford a special holiday trip? But you lack the necessary financial resources? Then you have the option to take out a loan to fulfill these or other wishes. There are many offers with often confusing conditions or a long wait until the application is approved. At Credit Bankive, on the other hand, you can quickly and easily take out a loan and use the money directly. Within just a few minutes, the application has been submitted and the response is timely.

Your benefits at a glance

Your benefits at a glance

  • Flexible terms between 12 and 120 months
  • Cheap interest
  • Clear overview with the loan calculator
  • Uncomplicated application online
  • Fast payout
  • Free special repayments possible
  • Optional hedge with the residual debt insurance

Dynacredit can be applied for online at any time, offers you particularly favorable conditions and will be paid out quickly. You can flexibly choose the desired duration in a frame between 12 and 120 months and thus find the best option for your needs. At Credit Bankive, you can get favorable interest rates and get a good overview of the options that are available for your loan with the easy-to-understand loan calculator. Once you have decided on the right conditions, you can easily apply for your credit online. The authorization and the payment are made within a few days. During the repayment period you remain flexible and have the opportunity to repay the loan amount prematurely with free special repayments if you unexpectedly have more money available. As a result, the interest costs incurred are reduced and you are also quickly debt free again. If you want additional protection, you can take out a residual debt insurance. For example, it will take effect if you can no longer fulfill your obligations through unemployment or death.

Determine the correct loan amount

The first step is to set the amount at which you want to take out a loan. To do so, determine your credit needs by checking how much money you need to make your purchase. With Credit Bankive a loan amount between 500 and 100,000 euros is possible. So you can always choose the right amount – whether you need to bridge a short financial shortage, dream of a long vacation trip, want to buy a new car or want to modernize your property. Also check how much equity you can and want to invest. Your borrowing requirement will be the sum required for the project, from which you deduct your available equity. But do not choose the loan amount too small, so that you are prepared for any additional costs. For example, a holiday can be more expensive than expected, or there may be unforeseen costs for renovations. Unused parts of the loan can be repaid prematurely through a special repayment, further reducing the cost of your loan.

Select the appropriate maturity with the loan calculator

If you know your credit needs, the loan calculator offers you the option of selecting the appropriate maturity in the next step. To do this, enter the desired net loan amount that you would like to take out as a loan in the calculator and see at a glance which monthly rate you can expect for this sum with different terms. In addition, the loan calculator also shows you the total cost of the loan, ie the loan amount plus the total interest costs. For a shorter term, the overall cost is lower because the interest is paid over a shorter period of time. On the other hand, this increases the monthly rate. So you should not choose too short a term, which you have to limit yourself by high rates, nor too long, where the cost of the loan unnecessarily high. To find out what monthly rate you can afford, a household bill is recommended. In doing so, you list your monthly income and expenses and recognize from the difference how much money is available to repay the loan on a monthly basis.

Take credit with the online application

If you have found the right duration, you can apply for your loan directly online. The loan calculator will take you to an online form in which you will provide information about yourself, your professional and financial situation. The loan documents are then immediately available as PDF for printing and also conveniently delivered by post. The official application is made by sending the documents back to Credit Bankive. If you are a new customer, the legitimacy of the PostIdent procedure is required once. This will ensure that your data will not be abused by third parties. You can perform the identity check quickly and free of charge in a post office with presentation of the bank documents and your identity card. Once your loan application has been successfully verified, you will receive the funds immediately transferred to your account.

Requirements for borrowing

If you want to take out a loan, you must be of legal age and therefore fully capable of acting. You also need a place of residence in Germany and you should have been employed by the current employer for at least one month. Credit Bankive also checks your credit rating with credit bureaus such as private credit to ensure that the loan you are borrowing does not burden you financially. The loan request also tells you what your financial situation is, so that Credit Bankive can see if the desired monthly installment fits your budget. If you meet all the requirements, nothing stands in the way of a grant and you can take out the loan.

To the loan calculator

Small loan at favorable interest rates

Great advice even with small loans

The small credit of our bank offers you the opportunity to implement smaller financing projects with low interest and flexibility. A city break, the financing of a move or the cost recovery of a party – all of these can be reasons for you to take advantage of the microcredit. Our bank  is a lending specialist bank belonging to the French banking group. For more than 40 years, we has been providing loans to its customers and is happy to assist you as an experienced partner in your financing project.

Small loan, big performance

At a glance

  • Short-term financing for your project
  • Perfect loan amount
  • Duration of 12 to 120 months
  • Free special repayments possible at any time

Maximum freedom with microcredit

The microcredit can be tailored to your needs so that you get exactly the amount of money you need. Almost every amount is selectable and can be freely determined by you. Of course, larger amounts up to 100,000 euros can be chosen. The small loan is also very flexible in terms of its installment and the term and is thus also suitable for the short-term bridging a small bottleneck. The repayment of your loan can be made between 12 and 120 months, depending on the amount and personal planning.

Free special repayments

As a special service, we also offers you the option of free special repayments for small loans. If you have more money available than you had previously expected, you can make repayments in addition to the agreed installments. The small loan is the ideal little helper: It offers as much power as necessary with as little effort for you as possible.

Small loan to replace expensive financing

Small loan to replace expensive financing

An increasingly popular field of small loan is the replacement or the combination of more expensive current loans. Especially for the balance of the current account of a checking account offers the microcredit. Disbursements are often used to expand the personal budget in the short term. However, the high interest rates that are incurred make this form of credit one of the most expensive ever. Compensation through a cheap and readily available microcredit is therefore an option and can help you to save a lot of money. If you already have some ongoing financing, you can also combine it into a favorable complete loan. In this way you can make your financing clearer and even save money.

Saving money with the small loan

  • Compensation of an expensive dispatching loan
  • Replacing and combining expensive loans into a cheap loan

rules on responsible lending and only lends out loans if they really only bring benefits to their customers.

Furthermore, our bank places the highest value on the security of your data and secures them with state-of-the-art 128-bit SSL encryption and firewalls. In addition, our bank and all employees undertake to maintain secrecy in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act. There will be no data collection without your consent and your data will not be disclosed to third parties.

Why choose us?

Our bank has more than 50 years of experience in the lending business and is highly specialized in this area. As part of the internationally operating Crédit Agricole Group, which is one of the world’s largest financial institutions, our bannk is on a secure footing. As a specialist bank, we can also offer its customers particularly attractive terms. The processes that have been optimized for years ensure that you process your application as quickly as possible and pay your money. TÜV Saarland awarded top marks for the services of our bank, which you can see here .

Great advice even with small loans

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly. The customer advisors are happy to help and are available through many contact options. If you want a comprehensive consultation, you can also arrange a consultation directly. We are happy to help you.

Loans with personal advice

The term loan has stood for the temporary provision of funds for over 200 years and is one of the first and thus oldest financial services available. Today, the loan is colloquially referred to as credit, and its importance to consumers and economics continues unabated. One study found that more than 50 percent of all purchases would not have been made without the possibility of obtaining a loan.

We specializes in the provision of consumer loans and today offers you a wide range of different products. She is happy to assist you to find the optimal loan for your financing project.

Loans and credits 

Loans and credits of Credit Bankive

The generic term loan describes a variety of financing offered by us:

The instant loan

With a Dynacredit you have the opportunity, with the help of an online calculator your desired credit without obligation to calculate and request immediately if necessary. Due to the automated process, the quotation usually takes only a few minutes. The instant loan from us can be up to 100,000 euros net and is also very flexible in terms of repayment: you can largely decide what the fixed monthly installment and how long the term of the loan should be before concluding the loan. Your application to our bank will be processed immediately, so that payment to your account can be made as soon as possible after successful verification.

The official credit

The official credit is a financial product developed specifically for civil servants and civil servants. Loan amounts up to 100,000 euros can be financed with a particularly flexible duration of 12 to 120 months. Of course, We also offers you a comfortable online calculator for calculating a civil servant credit.

The Auto Credit

AutoKredit can cover a net amount of between € 5,000 and € 50,000 and has been specially adapted to the needs of car financing: Attractive fixed-interest rates make it reliably possible to plan the financing of your new or used car. Simply calculate your desired loan with the help of the loan calculator, select a term and send your loan application to us. Of course, the choice of dealer and car brand is up to you.

Risk-limited loans through installment insurance

If you want to put your financing on a safe footing, in cooperation with renowned insurance companies, offers you a comprehensive security package. Rate protection protects you in the event of unforeseeable events that could jeopardize installment payments in the long term. While the minimum coverage covers the events of accident and death, the combination package even protects you against incapacity for work. The KombiPlus package includes, in addition to the events already mentioned, a hedge against unpredictable unemployment. So you do not have to worry about your loan repayment unnecessarily.

Requirements for your loan

Together with all members of the banking industry association, Our bank has committed itself to complying with the rules on responsible lending . Based on this responsibility, an individual inventory is carried out prior to each loan so that each borrower can be assured that a loan will only benefit him or her. At us, loans are generally only granted to customers who fulfill the following conditions:

  • Of majority and resident in Germany
  • At least one month employed by the current employer
  • No negative Private credit entry

Excellent commitment

Our bank has decades of credit experience as part of French banking group Consumer Finance. This allowed processes to be optimized, processing times shortened and payments to be accelerated.  Strong brand name has awarded our bank excellent service and awarded it a grade of 1.8. He rates the following aspects as particularly good:

  • Speed ​​or duration of processing times (1.61)
  • Reliability (1.48)
  • Expertise of our bank employees (1.74)
  • Consulting quality (1.73)
  • Aligning Rate Rates with Financial Opportunities (1.72)

Detailed information

We attaches particular importance to comprehensive customer advice and, as a first step, offers interested parties extensive information material. In addition to online information on all financing, we has published a practical credit guide. This gives helpful tips and answers to the most common questions. So if you want to get a comprehensive overview, the credit counselor is available to you for free download.

Personal advice

Furthermore, the employees of we are always available for competent and personal advice. If you have any questions, contact we online or by phone. Of course, you can also arrange a personal conversation at any of the branches or at your home at any time – just get in touch .

Follow-up financing – Loans repayment

You have a real estate financing, whose interest rate lock is gradually coming to an end? Then it is time to take care of follow-up financing. You do not necessarily have to stay with your old provider. After expiry of the fixed interest period, you can reclassify the remaining debt to a new lender without any prepayment penalty. You do not need to limit yourself to classic mortgage lending when looking for further financing for your own home. Possibly the cheap loans are also a good alternative for completing your real estate financing without complications. In addition to attractive interest rates, we offers you some additional benefits.

Benefits of follow-up financing

  • Online request for a loan offer within seven minutes
  • Net loan amount up to 100,000 euros possible
  • Fast and uncomplicated application
  • Immediate processing of your loan application
  • Timely payment to your reference account
  • Individual design options for term and monthly credit
  • Fast debt-free through free special repayments

Follow-up financing

Follow-up financing

If the residual debt of your real estate financing does not exceed € 100,000, you can easily afford follow-up financing with a credit from us. Unlike the rescheduling of another construction financing, you do not have to reassemble and submit the relevant documents for your property, such as the floor area calculation or the site plan, when replacing the initial financing with a credit installment. In addition, this provides the opportunity to get rid of the mortgage, which is usually required for initial financing.

If a follow-up financing has to come fast

Thanks to many years of experience as a specialist bank for lending, the examination and processing of your loan application is often much faster than with many providers of traditional mortgage lending. Therefore, We may be able to protect you from financial distress. Because if there is no follow-up financing for the expiry of the fixed interest on your previous real estate loan, the remaining debt will become due immediately. If you can not replace these ─ as is the case with the high sums for real estate financing ─ you are usually obliged to accept the extension offered by your bank, ie to continue financing there.

If you want to handle your follow-up financing together with your partner or another person, you can specify this in the next step. In many cases, the higher level of collateral provided by a second borrower gives you even better conditions for your follow-up financing. As a borrower, you must meet the following requirements:

  • majority
  • Permanent residence in Germany
  • Employed at the current employer for at least one month
  • Sufficient credit rating with credit bureaus such as the private credit

From loan application to disbursement

To ensure that follow-up financing fits comfortably in your budget and does not restrict you financially, some details of your monthly income and expenses will be asked below. If you take the loan together with a second person, they will also need the appropriate information. After you have entered all the required information, your credit application for follow-up financing will be created directly. You can get it conveniently by post, but you can also download it and print it out.

You send the signed loan application back to us by post. In order to rule out abuse, you as a new customer must also prove your identity by means of a free PostIdent procedure. The corresponding documents are enclosed with your loan documents. Simply take your ID card with you to the post office to dispatch the documents, and the rest will be done on site.

Due to the many years of experience  and optimized processes, the processing of your documents takes little time. After successful verification of your loan application, the money is immediately transferred to the account you specified and is ready for rescheduling.

Advisory competence

Advisory competence

One of the principles of that we have is comprehensive and competent advice on all financing issues. If you are not sure whether a follow-up loan is the right option for you, use the opportunity to arrange a non-binding consultation with one of the our financing specialists. The consultants not only have many years of experience in follow-on financing, but also know that this topic can not be clarified between the door and the rod. Should it not be possible for you to advise during opening hours in the branches in all German federal states, We will also be happy to arrange an appointment outside these times. Alternatively, competent consultants will be happy to answer your questions directly online via chat from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.

Of course you can reach the employees of the nearest branch during the opening hours also by phone. If you have found a suitable solution for follow-up financing with your financial advisor, he will be happy to take over the entire debt restructuring from your former lender.