An internet loan offers you the security and all the advantages of a conventional installment loan and is easy to apply online. Our bank has specialized in this form of credit and has been offering internet loans since 1999. As part of the French banking group Crédit Agricole, which is one of the world’s largest financial institutions, it is happy to assist you as an experienced partner in credit matters.

What makes the internet loan from us?

What makes the internet loan from Credit Bankive?

At a glance:

  • Applying without much effort
  • High flexibility in terms of installments and maturity
  • Immediate editing and quick decision
  • Immediate withdrawal to your account after successful verification

With an internet loan, you have the option to apply for a loan using an online form. Due to the simple process the application takes only a few minutes. Our internet loan can cover a net loan amount of up to € 100,000 and is also very flexible in terms of repayment. What is the fixed monthly rate and how long the term of the loan should be, you can determine yourself before the conclusion of the loan. Upon receipt, your application will be processed immediately by us, so that payment can be made to your account as soon as possible after successful verification.

When does an internet loan offer itself?

When does an internet loan offer itself?

At a glance

  • Quick solution to unforeseen problems
  • Spontaneous fulfillment of wishes
  • Replacement and consolidation of expensive loans to a cheaper complete loan

Internet credit is always available when unforeseen needs do not fit into your budget and you are looking for a quick fix. A much-needed car repair or repair of a major home appliance can unexpectedly be a short-term financing problem and are classic cases where an internet loan can help. But even spontaneous wishes such as a vacation trip or a new TV can be realized immediately with an internet loan. So you do not have to use the expensive credit line of your checking account and take unnecessary costs into account. The replacement of such a disbursement credit or the combination of other loans still running at a low-interest full loan for you – that can make the Internet loan for you.

Responsible Lending to Consumers “. For the purpose of responsible lending, some important information is requested during the application process. This also serves as a hedge and should ensure that the internet loan only brings benefits for you. In addition to a confirmation of certain conditions such as your age of majority are still a few information about your current financial situation in the form.

Requirements at a glance

  • majority
  • Residence in Germany
  • At least one month of employment with the current employer
  • No negative private credit entry

The questioning of the creditworthiness of potential customers via the private credit is usual at reputable financial institutions. Thanks to this approach and the high standards of responsibility in Germany, 97.5 percent of all consumer loans are paid back properly.

Credit calculator of our bank you can get an overview of what rates, terms and interest rates for your desired loan amount may be possible.

loan application
Then you can submit your personal loan application with the conditions you have selected conveniently via the online form.

Loan documents
You will receive the loan documents tailored to your preferred loan by e-mail and by mail to your address. Please check the documents carefully and sign the loan agreement. Please remember to enclose copies of the documents listed in the cover letter, such as payslips and account statements, to ensure the fastest possible settlement.

As a new customer, you must legitimize your documents once to protect against misuse of your data using the PostIdent process. This ensures that you really are the sender. Simply visit the nearest post office and have your credit card and ID ready. The post office takes care of everything else.

loan agreement
If all documents are available to us, a binding contract is concluded after successful verification.

paying out
Afterwards, the desired sum will be transferred immediately to the account you have specified.