The credit line is unquestionably comfortable: Bank customers without bank transfer or debit card payment are hundreds of euros available, which are actually no longer in the account. But as seductive as the Dispo – or correctly disposition credit – is so problematic he is. It is one of the most expensive loans ever and causes high interest costs. The solution: A cheap installment loan can balance your Dispo, so you save money. The instant loan from us is quickly applied for and offers itself particularly well for the account balance.

Balancing Dispo: That’s the way it works

Balancing Dispo: That

Your advantages of the MRP settlement with our bank.

  • In the short term, compensate for costly MRP
  • Passgenauer net loan amount up to 100,000 euros
  • Flexible duration between 12 to 120 months
  • Free special repayments for even faster repayment

With the instant loan you can quickly and cheaply balance your MRP. The Dynacredit can cover a net loan amount up to 100,000 euros and offers you, in addition to the account balance, room for additional financial flexibility. You can also tailor the term of the favorable loan exactly to your needs and possibilities. Depending on whether you prefer the lowest possible rates or a short term, you can choose a financing period between 12 and 120 months.

If you have more money available during the repayment phase than you previously assumed, you can shorten the term subsequently. Simply use the free special offer: Up to once a month, you have the option of an additional payment. In this way, for example, a company bonus or tax refunds can help you repay your loan faster.

The credit line at a glance

The credit line at a glance

If you have a current account, your house bank will usually grant you an overdraft facility. With the overdraft facility, you do not have to pay much attention to your balance as you may overdraw your account as much as your house bank allows based on your income. A short financial bottleneck, for example at the end of the month, can be bridged so quickly and easily. The advantage of the MRP is that it does not have to be applied for and therefore is very straightforward.

The problem with the credit line

If the current account is regularly and over a longer period in the minus, then it quickly becomes clear that the Dispo is a very expensive loan. The overdraft rates differ depending on the provider, but they are in the Germany-wide average over 10 percent. Top rates of some banks are even over 13 percent. If you make regular use of your posting costs, interest costs of several hundred euros can be incurred so quickly. An installment loan is much cheaper and therefore a good choice if you want to balance the Dispo and keep your account in plus.

To ensure that you can repay your loan without any problems, you will need the following information:

  • Your age – because loans may only be granted to adults
  • Your address – a residence in Germany is required
  • Your income – only if you have been receiving a regular salary for at least 3 months is financing useful for you
  • Consent to obtain information – for a complete picture,  informs itself of information files such as the private credit.

“Best Special Bank 2012 Rate Credit” by a survey. This distinction has been awarded to us for the second time in a row and has been a reliable and fast lending method for years.

Do you have any further questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact us at any time. The customer advisors are at your disposal in the nearest branch or by phone and are happy to help you.