You have a real estate financing, whose interest rate lock is gradually coming to an end? Then it is time to take care of follow-up financing. You do not necessarily have to stay with your old provider. After expiry of the fixed interest period, you can reclassify the remaining debt to a new lender without any prepayment penalty. You do not need to limit yourself to classic mortgage lending when looking for further financing for your own home. Possibly the cheap loans are also a good alternative for completing your real estate financing without complications. In addition to attractive interest rates, we offers you some additional benefits.

Benefits of follow-up financing

  • Online request for a loan offer within seven minutes
  • Net loan amount up to 100,000 euros possible
  • Fast and uncomplicated application
  • Immediate processing of your loan application
  • Timely payment to your reference account
  • Individual design options for term and monthly credit
  • Fast debt-free through free special repayments

Follow-up financing

Follow-up financing

If the residual debt of your real estate financing does not exceed € 100,000, you can easily afford follow-up financing with a credit from us. Unlike the rescheduling of another construction financing, you do not have to reassemble and submit the relevant documents for your property, such as the floor area calculation or the site plan, when replacing the initial financing with a credit installment. In addition, this provides the opportunity to get rid of the mortgage, which is usually required for initial financing.

If a follow-up financing has to come fast

Thanks to many years of experience as a specialist bank for lending, the examination and processing of your loan application is often much faster than with many providers of traditional mortgage lending. Therefore, We may be able to protect you from financial distress. Because if there is no follow-up financing for the expiry of the fixed interest on your previous real estate loan, the remaining debt will become due immediately. If you can not replace these ─ as is the case with the high sums for real estate financing ─ you are usually obliged to accept the extension offered by your bank, ie to continue financing there.

If you want to handle your follow-up financing together with your partner or another person, you can specify this in the next step. In many cases, the higher level of collateral provided by a second borrower gives you even better conditions for your follow-up financing. As a borrower, you must meet the following requirements:

  • majority
  • Permanent residence in Germany
  • Employed at the current employer for at least one month
  • Sufficient credit rating with credit bureaus such as the private credit

From loan application to disbursement

To ensure that follow-up financing fits comfortably in your budget and does not restrict you financially, some details of your monthly income and expenses will be asked below. If you take the loan together with a second person, they will also need the appropriate information. After you have entered all the required information, your credit application for follow-up financing will be created directly. You can get it conveniently by post, but you can also download it and print it out.

You send the signed loan application back to us by post. In order to rule out abuse, you as a new customer must also prove your identity by means of a free PostIdent procedure. The corresponding documents are enclosed with your loan documents. Simply take your ID card with you to the post office to dispatch the documents, and the rest will be done on site.

Due to the many years of experience  and optimized processes, the processing of your documents takes little time. After successful verification of your loan application, the money is immediately transferred to the account you specified and is ready for rescheduling.

Advisory competence

Advisory competence

One of the principles of that we have is comprehensive and competent advice on all financing issues. If you are not sure whether a follow-up loan is the right option for you, use the opportunity to arrange a non-binding consultation with one of the our financing specialists. The consultants not only have many years of experience in follow-on financing, but also know that this topic can not be clarified between the door and the rod. Should it not be possible for you to advise during opening hours in the branches in all German federal states, We will also be happy to arrange an appointment outside these times. Alternatively, competent consultants will be happy to answer your questions directly online via chat from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.

Of course you can reach the employees of the nearest branch during the opening hours also by phone. If you have found a suitable solution for follow-up financing with your financial advisor, he will be happy to take over the entire debt restructuring from your former lender.