How are home remedies useful for dog UTI?

Is your dog suffering from urinary tract infection? Is it suffering from pain and irritation while urinating? Are their small blood spots in the urine? If this is happening and the condition is serious, then you must take your pet to a vet without any delay. It is known as a critical condition and hence must not be ignored else the pet may have to pay its price by losing the life also. However, there are some options you can try at home if this medical condition is in theprimary stage.Related image

You can try out some of the effective home remedies that can relieve and slowly heal your dog from this kind of infection. The cause of UTI is bacteria,and one must make sure that it is out of the dog’s system as fast as possible. Home remedies do not work overnight,and it takes time to show its effect. One of the primary causes of UTI is alesser intake of water thus causing problems with the urination. Lesser hydration of the body causes stones in the bladder which makes the situation worse. Here are some top home remedies that can be used for dog’s urinary tract infection.

Vitamin C juice: Citrus fruits such as cranberry, lemon, lime,and orange will boost up dog’s immunity against UTI bacteria. This helps in making the urine acidic for flushing out the infection-causing bacteria. Small amounts of citrus juice in a spoon or a small bowl can be given to them. If they don’t like the taste and is finicky about it, you can do it with the help of a syringe. Open their mouth gently, release the juice into their mouth, close the dog’s mouth and gently massage the throat. This is to ensure that they swallow the juice.

Cantharis: It is one of the most common home remedies to prevent UTI in dogs. One can find this in organic food shops or homeopathy centers in the form of a tablet or pellet. The greatest thing about cantharis is that it is one of the fastest ways that will help to get rid of the UTI bacteria.

MercuriusSolubilis: This is another potent home remedy or homeopathic is Mercurius. Since it is a homeopathic medicine,they do not contain chemicals at all. Like Cantharis you can find it in a tablet or pellet form,but it is little potent than the former one.

Neem and Chamomile tea: Neem is famous for being naturally antibacterial and thus it can be used to fight against the UTI bacteria. It is also anti-inflammatory and thus will help in soothing the dog’s pain. Chamomile tea is similar to Neem only with stronger agents of anti-inflammation. These two agents are very helpful when your dog is suffering from severe pain or facing any discomfort. Add Neem or chamomile to the water and brew it some time and then let it cool. After that add it to your dog’s water bowl and ensure that it drinks it comfortably. This process must be repeated once daily.

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