An installment loan is interesting when spontaneous ideas or unforeseen events do not fit into your financial plans. The low-interest installment loan from us can help you to solve a short-term financing problem through a planned installment payment. For more than 50 years, We has been providing installment loans in Germany and can look back on a long history. We are part of the French banking group, one of the world’s largest financial institutions specializing in installment loans. As an experienced partner in credit matters, we are happy to assist you.

The installment loan at a glance

  • Net loan amounts up to 100,000 euros
  • Flexible terms of 12 to 120 months
  • Low interest rates
  • Runtime reduction through free special repayments

How does a installment loan work?

A installment loan is a classic and very common form of loan where you can repay the loan in fixed regular installments. Almost 60 percent of all current borrowers favor the installment loan. The installment credit may be net, up to € 100,000, and will be repaid in monthly installments. You have the choice between different terms. Thereby you are guaranteed to find the right rate. So you always have your finances in view with an installment loan and can plan for the long term. You gain special flexibility by the possibility of free special repayments, which allow you to shorten the term of the installment loan through special payments.

When is a installment loan worthwhile?

Cell phone or computer is required for work and personal life, so that a loss or defect often needs to be resolved quickly. Even a gift for an important person can be realized at a financially unfavorable time by a short-term installment loan, without you having to use the expensive credit line of your checking account. A study on the economic importance of the installment loan has shown that over 50 percent of all purchases would not have been made if consumers had not had the opportunity to take advantage of an installment loan.

  • Quick help with financial bottlenecks
  • Save costs through low interest rates

The replacement of an already used disbursement credit by a favorable installment loan is worthwhile and you immediately save cash, because the bank account can be compensated directly and further expensive disbursement accounts dispensed. If you have taken out several loans,we offers you the possibility to convert various financings into a favorable and clear complete loan.

Special security through rate protection

With a credit installment, if you want to play it safe, you always have the option of taking out a residual debt insurance. Already, a quarter of all borrowers use such insurance and 47 percent of all Germans consider it useful. A residual debt insurance protects you and your loved ones in case of unforeseeable events. If rates can not be paid for reasons such as unemployment or unemployment, then the remaining debt insurance will apply depending on the chosen insurance cover. You can take out a residual debt insurance against unforeseeable events directly withus.

“Best Special Bank 2012 Rate Credit”. Particular praise was also given to the possibility of online graduation.

So apply for your loan

In addition to the possibility of online financial statements, you can of course be advised in a personal conversation. Our employees are always at your disposal in numerous branches, by telephone or in an online chat. We will help you to achieve your goals comfortably and quickly on the various advisory routes.

In a few steps to the appropriate installment loan

  • Calculate your installment loan without obligation with credit calculator and fill out the online form, so that you can create an individual offer. Or let us personally advise you on one of the many other contact options.
  • You will then receive your loan documents either by post or as a download for printing.
  • After you have returned the loan documents in full and signed, it is checked whether a binding contract is concluded. For this the correctness of your data, your creditworthiness and with new customers the legitimacy is checked. For the legitimacy check, first-time customers are asked to send the loan documents with the PostIdent procedure (free identification at a post office of their choice).
  • After successful verification of your loan documents your money will be transferred immediately to the account you have specified.

Advice whenever you need it

Of course, as a customer, you will always receive detailed and competent advice. If you have any questions, please contact our client advisors online or by telephone. Of course, you can also visit one of the branches at any time. All contact options can be found here again.