Our instant loan helps you quickly bridge financial bottlenecks. It can be easily and simply requested by you, so you can have the money you need within a short time. The amount and duration you choose is up to you – in any case, you will benefit from the low effective annual interest rate.

What is an instant loan?

The instant loan offers you all the advantages of a conventional installment loan. Smaller and larger financing projects can be realized through favorable regular installments and thus fulfill your wishes or make urgently required expenditures. Our special feature instant credit is that you can apply for it online at any time from the comfort of your own home. So you can save a lot of time and thanks to the short processing time quickly have your net loan amount. In just a few steps, request a no-obligation and free quote tailored to your personal needs.

Complete the loan application form

If you are convinced of the attractive conditions, just click on “continue” below the loan calculator and fill in the following form. Subsequently, your loan documents will be created, which will be made available to you by mail as well as online via download.

Apply for instant loan

You apply for the instant loan by returning the carefully audited and signed loan documents back to us. As a new customer, please legitimize your loan application once by the PostIdent procedure. Just take your shipment to the nearest post office and have your identity card ready. There, the employees take care of everything else.

Use instant loan

After a successful review of your loan application, We will immediately transfer the net loan amount to your reference account so that you can freely dispose of your money.


As a low-cost alternative to a credit line or as a complete loan, in which your outstanding liabilities are clearly summarized, the instant loan gives us the opportunity to bundle your outstanding liabilities securely and favorably.

Why Us?

Why Us?

We are the ideal partner for your instant loan: For net loan amounts of up to € 100,000, it not only offers you favorable lending rates, but also flexible terms. This allows you to freely choose the term in a frame between twelve and 120 months and thus also influence your monthly rate. In this way, you can adjust the instant loan to your personal needs and possibilities and remain financially flexible. You can calculate your credit easily and without obligation online.

Guidelines for lending

Guidelines for lending

The credit we offer is as individual as you are. The terms and conditions on which you receive your instant loan depend on general conditions and personal factors. The framework conditions include, for example, the desired loan amount and the planned term. Personal factors include, among other things, your income, your professional activity and any financial obligations.

Finally, we also conducts a credit check to assess whether the instant loan really only benefits you. We collects information from credit bureaus such as the private credit. If in doubt, it may be useful to name a second borrower.

As flexible as life

As flexible as life

Because life does not always go according to plan, our bank also offers unanticipated scope. If your finances are at an extraordinary cost, after an audit the loan repayment can be suspended once a year without giving a reason for one month. At the same time, however, you can also make free special repayments if you have more money available, be it through a bonus payment, inheritance or dividend distribution. In addition, you can protect yourself and your relatives against other eventualities if you wish: If you take out a suitable residual debt insurance for the instant loan, it will be taken into account in case of involuntary unemployment, inability to work, in the event of an accident or death.

Confirmed quality

The fact that the concept of our bank works out is confirmed not least by the good ratings that the credit specialist regularly receives. The strong brand has awarded the bank a grade of 1.8 (“good”) and confirmed in detail its speed, reliability, quality of advice, the expertise of the employees and the adjustment of the installment amount to the financial possibilities.

The business magazine “magazinefix” has rated 23 different providers in a test regarding credit-related online offers. Our bank was awarded the “Top Rate Credit” seal.

We also achieved high overall satisfaction with an average of 9.3 out of 10 in terms of customer service, according to an Ipsos survey in 2017. Overall, 97% of our new clients are very satisfied with the Bank’s services. We achieved 96% of its readiness to recommend.

Our bank takes its responsibility to you as a client very seriously. As a member of the banking industry association, it is committed to complying with the rules on responsible lending. This ensures that you take out your instant loan on terms that bring you unlimited benefits.