The term loan has stood for the temporary provision of funds for over 200 years and is one of the first and thus oldest financial services available. Today, the loan is colloquially referred to as credit, and its importance to consumers and economics continues unabated. One study found that more than 50 percent of all purchases would not have been made without the possibility of obtaining a loan.

We specializes in the provision of consumer loans and today offers you a wide range of different products. She is happy to assist you to find the optimal loan for your financing project.

Loans and credits 

Loans and credits of Credit Bankive

The generic term loan describes a variety of financing offered by us:

The instant loan

With a Dynacredit you have the opportunity, with the help of an online calculator your desired credit without obligation to calculate and request immediately if necessary. Due to the automated process, the quotation usually takes only a few minutes. The instant loan from us can be up to 100,000 euros net and is also very flexible in terms of repayment: you can largely decide what the fixed monthly installment and how long the term of the loan should be before concluding the loan. Your application to our bank will be processed immediately, so that payment to your account can be made as soon as possible after successful verification.

The official credit

The official credit is a financial product developed specifically for civil servants and civil servants. Loan amounts up to 100,000 euros can be financed with a particularly flexible duration of 12 to 120 months. Of course, We also offers you a comfortable online calculator for calculating a civil servant credit.

The Auto Credit

AutoKredit can cover a net amount of between € 5,000 and € 50,000 and has been specially adapted to the needs of car financing: Attractive fixed-interest rates make it reliably possible to plan the financing of your new or used car. Simply calculate your desired loan with the help of the loan calculator, select a term and send your loan application to us. Of course, the choice of dealer and car brand is up to you.

Risk-limited loans through installment insurance

If you want to put your financing on a safe footing, in cooperation with renowned insurance companies, offers you a comprehensive security package. Rate protection protects you in the event of unforeseeable events that could jeopardize installment payments in the long term. While the minimum coverage covers the events of accident and death, the combination package even protects you against incapacity for work. The KombiPlus package includes, in addition to the events already mentioned, a hedge against unpredictable unemployment. So you do not have to worry about your loan repayment unnecessarily.

Requirements for your loan

Together with all members of the banking industry association, Our bank has committed itself to complying with the rules on responsible lending . Based on this responsibility, an individual inventory is carried out prior to each loan so that each borrower can be assured that a loan will only benefit him or her. At us, loans are generally only granted to customers who fulfill the following conditions:

  • Of majority and resident in Germany
  • At least one month employed by the current employer
  • No negative Private credit entry

Excellent commitment

Our bank has decades of credit experience as part of French banking group Consumer Finance. This allowed processes to be optimized, processing times shortened and payments to be accelerated.  Strong brand name has awarded our bank excellent service and awarded it a grade of 1.8. He rates the following aspects as particularly good:

  • Speed ​​or duration of processing times (1.61)
  • Reliability (1.48)
  • Expertise of our bank employees (1.74)
  • Consulting quality (1.73)
  • Aligning Rate Rates with Financial Opportunities (1.72)

Detailed information

We attaches particular importance to comprehensive customer advice and, as a first step, offers interested parties extensive information material. In addition to online information on all financing, we has published a practical credit guide. This gives helpful tips and answers to the most common questions. So if you want to get a comprehensive overview, the credit counselor is available to you for free download.

Personal advice

Furthermore, the employees of we are always available for competent and personal advice. If you have any questions, contact we online or by phone. Of course, you can also arrange a personal conversation at any of the branches or at your home at any time – just get in touch .