They offers a wide range of tailor-made financing models with a profile that is ideally tailored to the needs of different groups of people. Among other things, they specializes in the allocation of civil servant loans. Short-term financing bottlenecks can be resolved quickly and easily with a credit from credit bankive. Due to the flexible design of the term and installment, an appropriate loan can be found for every income level. For civil servants and civil servants, they also offers special financing, which is characterized by the possibility of a particularly long term.

Loans for civil servants

Loans for civil servants


The Bank contact  credit bankive staff. They can also be contacted by phone, e-mail or chat.

Remaining debt insurance: additional security for the borrower

A residual debt insurance can provide additional security. Together with renowned insurance companies, they offers comprehensive security packages to secure your installment payments.

  • The minimum insurance covers the outstanding installments in the event of an accident-related disability or in the event of death of the insured person.
  • The combination package additionally protects the case of incapacity for work. In addition to all minimum insurance benefits, this insurance secures you from incapacity for work. The combination package is particularly suitable for civil servants and borrowers who do not want to insure the case of sudden unemployment.
  • The most comprehensive protection. This insurance covers you comprehensively and even takes into account the case of involuntary unemployment.

Responsible lending

Each prospective borrower must therefore meet the following conditions in order to receive financing from them:

  • Of majority and resident in Germany
  • Regular income (at least one month employed by the current employer)
  • Proven credit-worthiness commitment

Excellent commitment

A strong brand has certified the services provided by credit bank and has been awarded a grade of 1.8. The auditors were particularly impressed by the quality of advice and the reliability of the bank. 

Personal advice for civil servants

The employees of the said bank are always available to answer your questions and inform you about special offers for civil servants. Simply contact them online or by phone. Also for a more detailed discussion or a comprehensive and competent advice, the consultants are happy to help and make an appointment with you.