The lightning loan from Credit Bankive helps you to implement your financing plans quickly and at low interest rates. Unexpected events or spontaneous requests can overload the monthly budget. The reliable planable and cheap lending loan was developed for such cases by Credit Bankive. Credit Bankive is part of the French group and specializes in the provision of consumer credit. Due to her many years of experience in the awarding of various loans, she can offer you a very flexible financing with the TackCredit and realize this together with you within a very short time.

The advantages of the TackCredit at a glance

The advantages of the TackCredit at a glance

  • Short-term financing for all cases
  • Accurate loan amount up to 100,000 euros
  • Rate according to your ideas
  • Flexible duration between 12 to 120 months
  • Free special repayments for a faster repayment

So the lightning loan can help you

So the lightning loan can help you

The lightning loan was developed to bridge unforeseen financial shortages. Because it is often the unexpected repairs, purchases or needs that exceed the monthly budget. Necessary repairs such as those of the car, mobile phone or computer usually do not announce themselves. But they are important to maintain quality of life, mobility and employment. In some cases, only a new purchase helps, which is not always possible with the given means. In these situations, the flexible TackCredit offers a suitable financing. Even a spontaneous holiday to escape the stress of everyday life, the lightning credit of Credit Bankive you can easily and quickly.

Flash-like replacement of expensive loans

Credit Plus’s lightning loan also lends itself to replace or consolidate expensive current loans. This will allow you to lower your interest costs and gain a better overview of your own finances. Current accounts of current accounts are often used for short-term expansion of the personal budget. However, high interest rates make this form of lending one of the most expensive. An account settlement, for example with the money from a lightning loan, can help you to save interest.

Much flexibility with the lightning loan

The TackCredit is characterized by its great flexibility. It can cover a loan amount of up to 100,000 euros and can therefore be tailored exactly to your financial needs. Lump-sum loan offers with predetermined amounts often mean that more money must be borrowed than is actually needed. Since this can unnecessarily prolong the repayment of a loan, Credit Bankive’s lightning loan has been designed to be flexible and allows you a quick repayment. In this way you avoid expensive over-financing. The amount of fixed monthly installments can also be determined largely freely, so that the TackCredit also offers you a high degree of flexibility in this regard.

Faster repayment through special repayments

The flash credit from Credit Bankive is quickly applied for and can be repaid by its very flexible term also in a flash. Depending on your wishes and options, this can be between 12 and 120 months. In addition, free special repayments allow you to actively shorten your term: If you have more money available than you had previously planned, you can make a special repayment up to once a month, thus reducing the duration.

flash credit with the Credit Bankive Loan Calculator. Loan sum and duration you can choose according to your ideas.

Request credit documents

After you have selected your desired financing, the online form will continue to guide you. Enter the requested data to request the loan documents.

Loan agreement and lightning payout

You will then receive the requested credit documents by post to your home or by e-mail as download for downloading and printing. Complete the documents and send them back to Credit Bankive. After the successful examination of your application, the loan amount will be provided immediately by Sortfan.

As a new customer, please send the credit documents once with the PostIdent procedure – this ensures that nobody misuses your data. This form of shipping can be carried out for free in your post office.