You want to buy a car, finance a property or afford a special holiday trip? But you lack the necessary financial resources? Then you have the option to take out a loan to fulfill these or other wishes. There are many offers with often confusing conditions or a long wait until the application is approved. At Credit Bankive, on the other hand, you can quickly and easily take out a loan and use the money directly. Within just a few minutes, the application has been submitted and the response is timely.

Your benefits at a glance

Your benefits at a glance

  • Flexible terms between 12 and 120 months
  • Cheap interest
  • Clear overview with the loan calculator
  • Uncomplicated application online
  • Fast payout
  • Free special repayments possible
  • Optional hedge with the residual debt insurance

Dynacredit can be applied for online at any time, offers you particularly favorable conditions and will be paid out quickly. You can flexibly choose the desired duration in a frame between 12 and 120 months and thus find the best option for your needs. At Credit Bankive, you can get favorable interest rates and get a good overview of the options that are available for your loan with the easy-to-understand loan calculator. Once you have decided on the right conditions, you can easily apply for your credit online. The authorization and the payment are made within a few days. During the repayment period you remain flexible and have the opportunity to repay the loan amount prematurely with free special repayments if you unexpectedly have more money available. As a result, the interest costs incurred are reduced and you are also quickly debt free again. If you want additional protection, you can take out a residual debt insurance. For example, it will take effect if you can no longer fulfill your obligations through unemployment or death.

Determine the correct loan amount

The first step is to set the amount at which you want to take out a loan. To do so, determine your credit needs by checking how much money you need to make your purchase. With Credit Bankive a loan amount between 500 and 100,000 euros is possible. So you can always choose the right amount – whether you need to bridge a short financial shortage, dream of a long vacation trip, want to buy a new car or want to modernize your property. Also check how much equity you can and want to invest. Your borrowing requirement will be the sum required for the project, from which you deduct your available equity. But do not choose the loan amount too small, so that you are prepared for any additional costs. For example, a holiday can be more expensive than expected, or there may be unforeseen costs for renovations. Unused parts of the loan can be repaid prematurely through a special repayment, further reducing the cost of your loan.

Select the appropriate maturity with the loan calculator

If you know your credit needs, the loan calculator offers you the option of selecting the appropriate maturity in the next step. To do this, enter the desired net loan amount that you would like to take out as a loan in the calculator and see at a glance which monthly rate you can expect for this sum with different terms. In addition, the loan calculator also shows you the total cost of the loan, ie the loan amount plus the total interest costs. For a shorter term, the overall cost is lower because the interest is paid over a shorter period of time. On the other hand, this increases the monthly rate. So you should not choose too short a term, which you have to limit yourself by high rates, nor too long, where the cost of the loan unnecessarily high. To find out what monthly rate you can afford, a household bill is recommended. In doing so, you list your monthly income and expenses and recognize from the difference how much money is available to repay the loan on a monthly basis.

Take credit with the online application

If you have found the right duration, you can apply for your loan directly online. The loan calculator will take you to an online form in which you will provide information about yourself, your professional and financial situation. The loan documents are then immediately available as PDF for printing and also conveniently delivered by post. The official application is made by sending the documents back to Credit Bankive. If you are a new customer, the legitimacy of the PostIdent procedure is required once. This will ensure that your data will not be abused by third parties. You can perform the identity check quickly and free of charge in a post office with presentation of the bank documents and your identity card. Once your loan application has been successfully verified, you will receive the funds immediately transferred to your account.

Requirements for borrowing

If you want to take out a loan, you must be of legal age and therefore fully capable of acting. You also need a place of residence in Germany and you should have been employed by the current employer for at least one month. Credit Bankive also checks your credit rating with credit bureaus such as private credit to ensure that the loan you are borrowing does not burden you financially. The loan request also tells you what your financial situation is, so that Credit Bankive can see if the desired monthly installment fits your budget. If you meet all the requirements, nothing stands in the way of a grant and you can take out the loan.

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